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armadillo jumping

"Armadillos! We have seen one adult and 3 babies. We believe they live in our neighbors' yard because it is overgrown with bushes, weeds, etc. They come into our yard in search of bugs and mess up the grass. We can't locate a place where they have burrowed under our home. The 3 babies were in the bushes about 4:00 pm and we were within 4 or 5 feet of them and they didn't act like they knew we were there. Please give us an estimate, so we can pass the information on to our neighbor. Thank you."

-Susan O., Tallahassee, Florida

armadillo run

I was up for several hours last night attempting to scare off two large armadillos that were rooting my yard. I noticed over the past week the it is getting worse. They have now started digging the holes about 10 inches deep. The yard looks like someone came and tore it up with a backhoe last night. We live in the country and I want these armadillos gone as soon as possible. I am afraid that they are going to hurt the neighborhood cats. Please help.

-Judy W., Hempstead, Texas

armadillo rock

An armadillo is devastating my lawn and planting areas. I put down the recommended grub / insect prevention in an attempt to remove the armadillo's food. My house is the only one in my area that has the problem. There are nights when the armadillo is in plain sight rooting along the driveway. We don't seem to frighten it; he just goes into the bushes and continues his rooting.

-Craig B., Bluffton, S. Carolina


We think we have armadillo problems. We found large holes dug around the foundation of our house in two places and a few holes under our verigated ginger plants in the landscaping area around our home. We fill in the holes with ash, but the armadillos keep re-digging them. Please give us an estimate for removal of these animals.

-Harry G., Deland, Florida

armadillo lead


An armadillo is rooting in our yard at night. We have seen it but have not been able to shoot it. We are told trapping is the way to go but not to do it ourselves. Please let us know what you charge for your service.

-Craig P., Shawnee, Oklahoma


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