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Bat Exclusion and Removal

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We take on both simple projects and complex projects. From one bat holed up in a wall to a building that is completely taken over, we can solve all your bat problems.

Removal Bats are good for the environment and in most states are a protected species, but that doesn’t mean a house or a business is a good substitute for a cave or a tree. Though the only species of mammal to have achieved powered flight, bats are still wild animals, subject to fleas, mites, lice and rabies, all of which don’t go well amongst a family with kids and a couple dogs. They also don’t mix well in a work environment, getting caught up in computer cables or swooping through a packed boardroom.

We’ve done exclusion and removal of bats from all kinds of crazy locations and situations.

One call had a homeowner asking if bats lived in lawns.


One of the kids had gone out to mow the lawn when a small black lump half buried in the grass caught his attention. Thinking it might have been a rock and not wanting to run over it with the mower, the child bent down to pick it up only to find that the rock was furry, brown, and had wings.

Interesting, a little freaky, and possibly quite dangerous. If a bat acts in strange ways it may have rabies, and a bat nesting in a lawn in the middle of the day could definitely qualify as strange behavior.

Handling bat problems requires a knowledge of bat movement and behavior. Simply trying to capture one or block out a colony’s entrance can make the problem a great deal worse. Careful exclusion and removal procedures ensure all the bats are out and relocated without causing further damage to the home or property. 

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