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Bats often access attics, walls, and chimneys through tiny gaps in a home or business. This is a small colony of about thirty bats. We were able to vent these bats out and repair their entrance, preventing a return. One of these bats fell onto the head of our customer, alarming her. Fortunately she was not bitten.

A neighbor close to this particular costumer was bitten by a bat. The bat scratched and bit the daughter, causing the whole family to get rabies shots at about $750 per person.

  We've had a bat problem for at least 3 years - probably a lot longer.  The house is a 1920's Bungalow and the roof doesn't quite sit on the walls of the house (except at key points).  I've had at least two exterminators tell me that there is no way to keep the bats out.   We've tried filling the spaces with foam. Unfortunately, once you shut off the lights  it looks just as permeable as it did before.  Trying to get rid of the smell, I sprayed their favorite places with oven cleaner.  It nearly killed me, but the bats were back the next day (although I only saw two of the five from the day before.)

Every year I have to pay a sizable amount to remove the guano.  It costs more than my property taxes.  It's been exclusively a female colony.  So there's been at least two to three weeks I can't do anything about them.  I want them gone from my attic once and for all.  I'd like to keep them in the yard or  nearby, but not in  the  house.  The colony  is about 300  females,  not counting  the pups. We've got two bat valves.   I've started  keeping plastic on the floor so I don't have to keep removing insulation every time we remove the guano.  Any advice would be helpful.


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