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There are over nine hundred species of bats in the world and eighteen of them live in Utah. Usually of the small brown sort, Utah bats normally call caves, barns and trees home. As urban areas move further into mountain areas, a bat’s habitat may end up being your home, cabin or business.


We received a call from one Utah woman who had a bat living in storage cupboards in her garage.

When you enter a garage and see the car covered with sheets and the sheets covered in small black droppings, you know the bat is winning. As difficult as it was for the woman to weigh the nuisance of having to cover her car every time she pulled into the garage against the amount of mosquitos the bat ate on a nightly basis, she finally called to ask if there wasn’t some sort of truce that could be reached. Weren’t there plenty of places outside (the old barn or big trees for example) where the bat could move to?

In most states bats are a protected species, and they’re good for the environment. They’re just not good for your car paint or anything else in a house or business. There’s the smell (which we won’t even begin to describe in detail), guano piles (that’d be the little black bat droppings), squeaking noises, and the scarier prospects of fleas, lice, spreadable diseases and the off chance of rabies. All this is enough reason why bats sharing human living space is a bad idea. Let’s face it, there just aren’t many of us who are comfortable with a bat living in our attic, in the rafters above our bed, or even in our garage. As cool as they are, keeping separate residences is best for us and for the bats.

We were able to catch and safely remove the bat from the garage. After removal, relocating bats is a special business for they have been known to find their way back to a roost over long distances.

Safe and appropriate prevention and exclusion is our specialty. Whether that’s a single bat or a colony, we will assess your particular situation and decide the very best course of action for you and the bats.

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