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Picture a large, expensive cabin in the mountains above a resort destination. The great room of this cabin is set with wooden beams, has floor to ceiling glass doors, and a gas fireplace.

It should be warm with fire and laughter but instead the warm red chairs and rosewood table are covered in creepy plastic sheets. The couches, entertainment center and chandelier have suffered the same fate. One might think the owners had covered everything to protect it from dust if it wasn’t for the millions of tiny black droppings all over the sheets and polished floors. 
The cabin home had been all but abandoned by its owners to a colony of bats. The top two levels were covered in bat droppings (guano). The colony had taken up residence in the walls, the rafters, the ceiling. Overrun, the cabin was not more than a few years old and yet was entirely unuseable.

Finding the problem overwhelming and unaware of any resources that could resolve it, the family had virtually given up the home to its new owners. Happily, through another owner that had experienced the same problem in the same area, they were told about United Wildlife.

We came in to see what we could do.

As a protected species in many states, the capture and relocation of bats takes knowledge and experience. With patience and the right tools we were able to remove the colony. We then set about to put in place methods of block out and exclusion so that the cabin would not be vulnerable to another infestation in the future. The house was returned to a livable state, restoring its beauty and potential resale value.

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