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This is a typical beaver foraging for food in a customer's pond in South Dakota.

beaver 4 Beavers are very active throughout the winter feeding on cashes of foods that they have stored. They also eat small branches and willows, etc.
Beavers2 "I was extremely upset after recently planting several small trees next to an irrigation ditch. I came out Thrusday morning as I walked out to enjoy the morning and became enraged as I thought some of the neighbor boys were cutting down my trees. Thank goodness I didn't say anything to the boys. Come to find out, it was a couple young beavers making their way up and down the ditch."

-Steve, Milwuakee, WI
beaver5 Beavers are a great source of habitat inprovement. Beavers create ponds in streams, stimulating flooding in the area where their dam's are. As the dams flood, new areas are irrigated and plant life flourishes. However, we have customers that do not appreciate rivers being diverted when it destroys their property, mountain cabins or homes.

Sometimes beavers divert small streams or rivers which cause roads to collapse from erosion and also damages surrounding communities.



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