Wolves, Alligators, Coyotes, & Other Carnivores

The risks of meat eaters are obvious: teeth and claws. These animals are wild and unpredictable, putting adults and children alike at risk.

Carnivores generally do not attack humans unless A.) they feel threatened, B.) they are starving, or C.) they have a disease such as rabies. But these animals will not hesitate to attack your domestic animals such as dog or cat, or any livestock or poultry that you have around. And you never know when A, B, or C is their case.

Fortunately these animals can be controlled, removed, and taken care of.

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Carnivores: Alligators, Coyotes, Red Fox, Wolves, Badgers, Bears, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Mink, Skunks, Raccoons

Common Carnivores we deal with
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Oh, the sweet smell of skunks. Skunks can be removed from the inside and outside of structures. Though there are hundreds of skunks out and about, when they enter a crawlspace or wall cavity the problem can become serious. If a skunk dies in a building it takes more than two years for the animal to decompose. Skunk removal is available, as well as odor control. Skunks can be controlled.
Raccoons come by the hundreds and begin by destroying the outside of structures. If raccoons are not removed from a property, they may use various methods to enter the home and make dens for their young. Denning sights are often in chimneys, attics, crawlspaces, decks, log piles, and even in automobiles. Raccoons are also known for destroying wiring systems and water lines, not to mention a good nights sleep. Raccoons are controllable.
Red Fox Fox
Like coyotes, foxes are extremely smart. They can get underneath your shed or deck.  They usually live in dens, and have 2-4 cubs per litter.  They feed on mice, rats, birds and other small animals.
Wolves Wolves

Wolves are often known to prey on livestock.  They’re territorial and they hunt in packs.  These wild animals can be controlled.  

Badgers are extremely ferocious animals, digging quickly into dens and feeding on rabbits, squirrels, mice, and rats. Badgers can be controlled through the use of proper trapping techniques and lures.
Black Bears Black Bears
Black bears often will assault food stores in cabins or campgrounds. Wherever they can feed, they will tear into any structure to obtain a quick meal. Black bears can be controlled and relocated as needed.
Bobcats are a fur-bearing animal that make beautiful coats. They can become a nuisance and are controllable through the use of proper trapping techniques.
Brown & Grizzly Bears Bear
Brown bears & grizzly bears can be controlled and relocated when they come too closely into contact with human activity. Always stay away from bears in general. They are not friendly and have killed many.
Feral Cats Feral Cats
Wild cats create damage in homes, attics, and crawlspaces. Wild cats also impact bird populations. Wild cats are controllable.
Feral Dogs Feral Dogs
Feral dogs are dogs that have become wild over a period of time. They cause havoc by getting into garbage and by killing livestock and smaller animals. Feral dogs are controllable through the use of proper trapping techniques.
Foxes, curious as they are, sometimes get too close to human activity and can cause problems with house pets and other small animals.
Weasels Weasel
Weasels can be controlled through special trapping techniques.
Mountain Lions Mountain Lions
Mountain Lions are beautiful animals. They are typically shy of human activity, however sometimes they do venture into lowlands or mountain benches to feed on wintering deer.
River Otters Otters
River Otters love to eat fish and other aquatic animals. River otters can be controlled through the use of great white sharks and special "Jaws" music. Just kidding.
Weasels Weasel
Weasels are scavengers. They can weasel into houses, underneath decks and basement areas.  They usually dig dens or holes, live underground, and make nests there.
Mink Chipmunks
Mink cause problems for fish farms and fisheries. They can be controlled through the use of special trapping techniques.
Alligators are extremely dangerous.  Alligators have more of a U-shaped mouth, compared to the V-shaped mouth of crocodiles.

Coyotes Coyotes
Coyotes are extremely smart. They rely on their keen senses of smell and sight .  They are mainly carnivorous and feed on rabbits, birds and other small animals.  They are known to hunt in groups.  Coyotes can bother dogs or cats, although they are not common in residential areas.  They are very territorial.  These animals can be controlled by trapping. 

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