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  Welcome to our Goose Picture Gallery. These are geese that we have dealt with and problems we have solved. Feel free to browse our images and stories. You will probably find a story similar to your problem.

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These are geese that settled near a commercial area.

Situations like this can become a nuisance. If you are experiencing a situation similar to this, please call us to see how we can help.


Goose droppings, nest paraphernalia and feathers can get sucked into your home’s vents and drain pipes and create a fire hazard, leading to thousands of dollars in repairs. Gutters can also be blocked, causing water to seep indoors and cause flooding.
geese4 If geese nest near your home or business, they draw other geese by decoy. Geese and other migrant waterfowl are drawn to other geese. They sense that those geese must have good food and shelter if they’re all gathering around.
geese2 Many golf courses, backyard ponds and even swimming pools offer both food and shelter for flocks of geese.
Geese An adult goose can drop two pounds of fecal matter on your lawn and pathways daily. Goose fecal matter has been linked to the spread of diseases and bacterial infections.

geese 3 A goose can live for as long as 24 years.


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