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Angry calls to the Internet Service Provider had reached an all time high at one business, and being told─again─that nothing was wrong on the provider’s side, they decided to try the old unplug-and-reset-the-router trick One More Time...

It was then that they discovered some frayed wires in the basement at the main server.

Once they called us in we were able to locate where the mice were accessing their business. Indeed, there was a whole subculture beneath not just their building, but pretty much the whole block.   
Since many big cities are built on top of the effects of old cities, a whole Rodent World can exist in the depths below.  

Many different factors contribute to mice finding their way up and into commercial buildings.  
As existing buildings get older it becomes easier and easier for mice to move in through old venting and sewer systems, and through growing cracks in foundations and walls and into the smorgasbord above that is living with humans.   

Mouse control in a business environment happens in stages: locating, safe removal, and block out. If not done thoroughly and completely, it won’t take long for the tenacious creatures to reassert themselves into familiar territory. 

Handling an infestation of mice in a business can require a whole different approach than dealing with those in a rural or suburban situation. From high tech cameras and locating systems to old school methods of trapping and block out, we can adapt all the experience and tools at our disposal to safely and efficiently resolve your problem and help keep your business free of munched cables and frayed wiring that can affect your productivity.  


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