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Welcome to our Mice Picture Gallery. These are mice that we have dealt with and problems we have solved. Feel free to browse our images. We are your animal solution experts. Give us a call!
mouse on leaf

This is a field mouse. They often enter homes or businesses seeking food and shelter. Call us for mouse prevention.
mouse in hole
This is another example of a field mouse that oftimes comes in through wall cavities or through small cracks and crevices on the outside of a business or home. Once inside, they enjoy feeding on pantry items and grains.
mouse on deer
We clean up Hantavirus and provide decontamination services for the diseases carrie by the brown-backed, white-bellied deer mouse.
dead mouse
This is a deer mouse, a carrier of Hantavirus. When mouse urine and fecal matter come in contact with humans, particularly when it becomes airborne and enters human lungs, they can create extreme diseases such as the Hantavirus.

"We have deer mice in our walls and attic and have killed 9 so far, however we still hear them at night. We spent over $600 on professionals who haven't been much help. Some parts of the attic are inaccessible, complicating the problem and the mice don't seem to be taking the traps anymore. Are you up for a challenge? If so, can you give me a quote on the cost to come out and assess the situation and walk us through the process. We've been attempting to seal up our house but they still must be getting in and out somewhere." -Danette, Portland OR

Job complete! We cleared up every single mouse with our unique professional skills. Most trappers can't handle the challenges we can.

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