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In residences and in businesses, Mouse Control optimally begins before an infestation has taken hold. But if it already has, there’s still hope.   

It might be tempting to think: Hey, it’s just a mouse or two. I’ll take care of this with a couple trusty snap-traps and a little mouse bait. Done.  

Taken care of, maybe. But probably not.    

First of all, there’s never just a couple mice. For the one or two you saw there are many many more that you didn’t see. Prolific breeders, each female produces 6 to 10 litters throughout the year and their nocturnal nature means that they can reach devastating proportions before a home or business owner may know.  

Hidden in the great underworld that is the fundamental mechanics of your home is the playground of the small and nimble tooth-growers who have to constantly nibble and gnaw. More damaging than even rats, mice are like termites on four, furry legs because their teeth never stop growing. So chewing up your furniture, walls, wood doors, cabinets and electrical wiring is simply a way of life.

When dealing with mice within the structure of your home or business, the use of mouse baits and rodenticides should be used carefully or not at all. Not only are these forms introducing toxins to your home and family but they kill mice by causing internal bleeding. In other words, in 3 to 5 days, the mice will die somewhere within your walls, attic, or crawlspaces where their bloated bodies will eventually burst and dispel internal fluids causing noxious fumes as well as attract decay-eating insects.  

Dying in these hard to reach places makes the original problem much worse. Now the mice are still there but cannot come out on their own, which means you have to look for them where it is extremely difficult to go without causing more damage to your home or business. 

At United Wildlife we know that mouse control happens in stages. We can safely and effectively see you through all the steps without the furthering of the problem that often happens with store-bought remedies. With means of locating, trapping, carcass control, safe removal and block out, we can solve your current infestation as well as prevent another one from occurring

“I, uh...I found some kind of a mess, with a bunch of nasty looking pink things in it. What is it and what do I do about it?” 

Finding a nest of baby mice in your house is not cute. That’s just part of the call we got one morning from a family who, upon further investigation, found many more evidences of a mouse infestation in gnawed-through rice, wheat and pasta packaging, a toaster that had mysteriously decided to go on the fritz, and trails of small black droppings all over in the floor cupboards.  

Unfortunately, Mouse Control doesn’t usually begin until signs of their presence start showing up in undesirable ways. By that time the chances of the problem already having reached infestation proportions is likely. Short-distance foragers, they travel and scrounge at night─so it may be only your house pet that notices something scurrying about in the kitchen after the lights go out.   

More damaging than even rats, it’s not just the gnawing and nibbling on food packaging, but the host of contaminants they leave behind in the food they don’t eat. Of equal concern is the damage to wiring, cables and electrical appliances which can cause refrigerators and freezers to fail, and worse, start fires.  

Mouse Control works in stages.

First, never assume the one or two you might have seen are it. They travel in spaces between walls, in venting, through holes ridiculously small--holes that most of us would never even notice. Locating all of them and trapping in a way that provides sure carcass control is where we start. 

After that, careful clean up of any potential bio hazard left in their wake, is essential.  The final step is block out─making sure no more return through the access points of the old infestation. 

United Wildlife can help you through all the stages of Mouse Control, choosing the best means and tools to reclaim and restore your home. 


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