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"We just had the lovely experience of discovering an opossum in our bedroom. My cat and I got it to retreat through the way it came - an access panel under the bathtub that was open. Our house is a double-wide mobile home. The manufacturer cut a large hole in the floor under the tub for piping. Currently access to the hole was achieved because of a shower drain leak that I had not yet repaired. Under the house there is a layer of material attached to the underside of the floor joists. I noticed a damaged section this summer, and cut it away and removed the soaked insulation. I was planning on fixing it this weekend before the cold weather hit. I intended on filling the hole with foam as we had a mouse come through there last winter. My fear is in finishing the repair I may trap the opossum or others that may be hiding in the insulation. Is it possible to check without tearing it all out - maybe a trap to lure anything out if it's there"?

- Trudy P., Los Angeles CA

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Trudy, we can check the problem for you but we would most likely remove the animal(s) when we came to check. We would love to come to the job or offer advice whenever necessary.

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