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"We are excited that we no longer have to deal with all those filthy pigeons contaminating our church roof and rain gutters. Your trapping services were wonderful. The pressure washing that you performed and the cleanup that you did was immaculate. Thanks again."

-Steve Walker, Seattle, WA
Pigeon Prevention

In the image to the left, the owner has set out an owl and moth balls (which are actually illegal) to solve his pigeon problem--but without any success. Notice the waste that still exists on the air conditioning unit because the pigeons were still nesting above and behind the air conditioner. Please call us to schedule our professional pigeon trapping and removal service.

Pigeon Waste

"I was so frustrated over an eleven month period during which I could not even use my deck. When I complained to the management company that I was renting from, they had no clue how to solve this problem. I appreciate your confidence and your removal of the fifty-seven pigeons that were contaminating my deck. I was getting to the point of suing management for their lack of ability to solve this problem. Thanks for the resolution."

-Heidi Spilker, Phoenix, AZ

Pigeon Waste On this same deck, pigeon waste had been deposited in multiple piles.  It was removed by our technicians. Trapping is critical at the onset of solving a pigeon infestation; pigeons must be trapped and euthinized to prevent them from returning to the original site. Special clothing and cleanup tools are required to protect one's health in this situation.

These particular pigeons on the roof of an elementary school had been defecating for several years, causing asthmatic reactions in children. The pigeons were depositing waste near air handling mechanical units. Bird flu is no joke. This project was taken care of in St. Louis, Missouri.


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