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Welcome to our Raccoon Picture Gallery. These are raccoons that we have dealt with and problems
we have solved. Feel free to browse our images and stories. You will probably find a story similar
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"We had two raccoons in our wall for months. None of our
traps or attempts could get rid of them. But thanks to
United Wildlife those pesky raccoons are gone."

-Riley Duke, San Diego, CA
Baby Raccoon
Here our technician is holding a baby raccoon that was recently taken out of a customer's attic in Denver, Colorado. This baby was nibbling on the technician's fingers, however the bite was not yet strong enough to do any major damage. After the mother was taken out of the attic using a special trapping technique called vent trapping, we were then able to go up into the attic and retrieve three additional young baby raccoons.
Raccoon in a Chimney
"I would like to tell you how much I appreciate you capturing the mother raccoon and the six young babies that startled my by walking into my room late Saturday night. Now I realize that they were just entering through the cat door and eating my cat's food. I appreciate the humane way that you trapped and removed this family of raccoons."

-Barbara Stratford, Orlando, FL
This particular raccoon came down through a chimney in Milwuakee, Wisconsin and was eating dogfood in the kitchen when it was startled by the homeowner. It then ran into one of the children's bedrooms and hid under the bed. Thank goodness the owner of the home found the raccoon before it surprised or attacked the daughter in her bedroom.
It is critical to protect your home by taking measures to prevent wildlife from gaining access through the attic or chimneys.
This next picture is of a raccoon coming out of a hole in a tree in a natural setting. However, many people don't realize that raccoons enter chimneys and attics and oftimes have their babies in wall cavities. Noises in the attic from raccoons or squirrels can often be heard while breeding. As the young develop, they will play in the attic or chew on wiring as they start to teethe. Chewing and tearing of attic insulation can cause further damage to the home. The raccoon family will often deposit a lot of raccoon waste and urine throughout various areas of the attic or wall cavity.
This young male raccoon was living under a deck in Houston, Texas and was causing problems with the family pet. He was released in a habitat where a relocation was allowed. He immediately climbed the tree where he felt more comfortable and safe.

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