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Unless you have a gas mask and a very low gag reflex, going in after a dead rat in a confined, hot space like an attic can be a trip into hell, not to mention a biohazard. 

Trust me.   

I wanted to cry “uncle!” and bail out of there. Actually, I did, and went straight to my computer and the magic of the internet that I hoped could rescue me from this nightmare.  

I found a lot of information about rats, all the diseases they carry, how quickly they reproduce, the myriad of ways they can ravage a home or business quickly turning it into the Adam’s Family mansion. I then started to look up what I could do about the train wreck in my attic.  

I was quickly overwhelmed with all the information. All the warnings and “best wishes”.   

Relenting, I decided to let someone at it who knew what they were doing.  

It was a good thing I did.   

It didn’t take the professionals long to discover the problem.  I hadn’t laid any rat bait or rodenticide but they said that didn’t really matter because the rat could have picked it up from anywhere in the neighborhood. Here comes the truly nasty part. Apparently, rodenticide takes three to five days before it actually kills a rat. So, the rat ingests the stuff, goes about its day, finally starts to die and decides to go deep─behind insulation, inside walls and vents, and in my case my attic─where it suffers from internal bleeding, eventually dies from it, then (wait for it) blows up. 

That’s what I had going on in my attic.

Sufficiently repulsed, I let the professionals take charge. They had ways of finding the culprit that rivaled the superpowers of Elastigirl. They were able to locate and safely remove the smell offender (thank goodness, because I was ready to call in a hazmat crew), as well as help me find the access point that enabled the dying rat to get up there in the first place.  

After all that they helped me with the clean up, making sure no biohazardous goo was left behind to attract more undesirables. They were then magically able to locate the entrance site─something not much bigger than my thumb but obviously big enough for a rat. 

Thanks, United Wildlife.


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