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Rats in a Business Building

Rats aren’t particular to private residences─in fact, they can be even more prolific in a business building since most business complexes are built on or are extensions of older buildings and their substructures where rats already have a presence.  

We were called into one business that had become the unknowing host to an infestation of rats that looked like the underground tomb scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  

The business complex was built over an old sewer system and the rat population had finally pushed up into the workings, walls and venting tunnels of the businesses above.   

Everyone in the building was sufficiently creeped out─it did feel like a scene from a movie─but the problem was much worse than that. Besides carrying a host of diseases, rats, like mice, have to continually chew to keep their teeth filed down. And they can chew through just about anything: wood, insulation, soft metal and worst of all, wiring. All of this gnawing and nibbling furthered damaged a building that was already suffering from cracks and holes big enough for the rats to have gotten through in the first place. Then there’s the damage to wiring which can lead to electrical fires.  

It can be a daunting task when looking at if from the onset, but at United Wildlife we have a lot of experience with rats including methods of locating, trapping, carcass control, safe removal, cleanup and block out. These are essential steps to prevent a furthering of the current problem (which happens a lot with do-it-yourself remedies). With professionals at work, you can rest assured that your business is properly protected from the recurrence of infestation.  

Rats in a business building affects a wide range of people─from the business itself and its employees to all of the customers that it services.  

Indiana Jones just had to muddle through the rats in the Last Crusade to get to the tomb─you have a business to run. We can help get you out of the clutches of the furry horde and back to work.

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