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Here we see the completed installation of a rodent slick fence. We realize that it looks a little unique compared to most chain link fence barriers. This substation is in a remote area and visual asthetics are not necessarily the most important requirement. The reason why this professional rodent fence was installed was to prevent the loss of revenue to the utility company.

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Rat Entrance

This is a rat entrance. Rats often burrow underneath crawlspaces, into wall cavities, and under concrete.

Bait Station

Here our technician has installed a rat killbox, or bait station. This bait station will kill up to ten rats using a poison that is safe for children and pets. It is a multi-feed rat poison. We've installed this near the rat's entrance.
Rat Cage

This rat was caught in a food storage area in a restaurant. It's often better to use live trapping methods as opposed to lethal methods. If inaccessible, a decaying rat can become a source of odor and disease.

Wall Trap

This rat control trap was set to control rats in an attic. Rats will often occupy wall cavities and attic spaces and feed in low disturbance areas during the day, then go to main sections of the home during the night.
Bait Station

Another kill box. Notice the entry of the trap in the front with accompanying rat poison. This rat control project was performed in a mountainous area in North Carolina where rats were coming from the woodlands into the wall cavities.


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