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Granted, most websites like this are dedicated to the removal of rats, so you might be surprised about the calls we’ve gotten to find a Lost Pet Rat.  

Snickers─yeah, that was the pet rat’s name─had disappeared into a whole new world. That world was the expansiveness of the family home. The family’s teenage son and owner of Snickers was more than a little angry at his sister for accidentally leaving Snicker’s cage door open. So in order to keep the familial peace their parents gave us a call, hoping we had a way to find a pet rat fast and, obviously, without harming it.  

We were happy to tell them that we’d had calls like this before and could help them out.  

At United Wildlife control we have high-tech infrared cameras capable of being fed between walls and through spaces too small for a human to go but not a rat. Our knowledge of rat behavior helps us narrow the search at the get-go so we can find the pet as quickly and efficiently as possible making your teenager happy, getting little sister out of trouble, and alleviating your worry that a Lost Pet Rat is running loose somewhere in your house, destroying furniture, insulation, or worse-- dying in an unreachable place.   

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