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Rat Trapping 

Who’d ever heard of Rat Trapping? Well, maybe someone had but certainly not me, at least not until I heard a scream from my five year old who had gone down to grab some potatoes from the cellar. Trying not to break an ankle, I rushed out the back door and down the stairs toward the cellar. I met my five year old rushing up the stairs, a bunch of potatoes rolling around at the bottom. I was quickly told that a big black monster had scrambled out of the potato sack and ran over her arm before disappearing into the dark.  

As I consoled her, I was thinking that I might need a little comforting myself. Though she could have exaggerated the size of the thing, I still hoped that it had been a mouse─not a rat.   
Grabbing up a flashlight, I returned to the scattered potatoes and the cellar. Inside, I found no signs of furry black beasts, but as I started through the other burlap sacks of food storage, I was sickened─nearly every bag had been eaten into. It looked like all of it would have to be thrown out. 

As saddened as I was to see all that food go to waste, I immediately called United Wildlife for help because I couldn’t see where the culprits were or where they were coming from. Scarier still, I had no idea how many there might be. I was so glad I called, because it definitely wasn’t as simple as laying out a few snap or rat-bait traps. I quickly found out that Rat Trapping is a process.  

First of all, the technicians came in and were quickly able to locate the pathways and holes that the potato rat─and all of his cousins─was using to travel through the under and inner workings of my home. I probably would have quit after catching a couple and been proud but they were professional and thorough. Leave even one rat untrapped and you’ll soon have another infestation.  

With means of locating, trapping and carcass control that I had never even thought of, they wrested my home and cellar from our creepy four-legged infestation.  

They also took steps to help us prevent another one. We’ve now changed how we store our food, patched up holes that I’d not even noticed before─but were as good as a two-lane freeway to a rat─and regained control of my home and property.  


 At United Wildlife we can do the same for you, too, adapting our skills and tools to your particular situation to safely and efficiently free your home from a rat infestation.

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