Squirrels, Mice, Rats & others

Though not every rodent squeeks, all of them make noise. These little critters will often find themselves inside your attic, walls, or crawlspace.

Rodents carry diseases and are a health risk. Certain rodents, like squirrels, will damage your home by chewing into your beams and gnawing electrical and water lines, which can cause fires and floods.

Fortunately these animals can be controlled, removed, and taken care of.

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Rodents: Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Gophers, Moles, Voles, Beavers, Nutria, Woodchucks, Rockchucks, Porcupines, etc.

Common Rodents we deal with
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Rats Rats come in many species and can become a problem inside and outside of homes and buildings. Though rats are a nuisance and a health concern, rats are controllable.
Mice Like rats, mice make their homes inside and outside of buildings and can be controlled by kill products and trapping techniques. Mice can be barred from entering structures by use of exclusion or block out techniques. With proper products, mice can be eliminated from accessing structures. Mice are controllable.
Squirrels Squirrels destroy attics and crawlspaces, as well as wall cavities. They often chew or destroy electrical and water lines, which can result in house fires and floods. Though they are a small animal, their damage is extensive, much like rats. Squirrels can be removed from the indoors and controlled outside.
Prairie Dogs Prairie Dogs
Prairie dogs are like the common gopher in that they make mounds of dirt and create tunnels underneath the ground where they create dens. Typically their colonies are found in drier climates and sagebrush fields where they eat mainly plants and roots. They also live in the foothills. These wild animals can be controlled or trapped.
Gophers destroy lawns and gardens by tunneling under the ground and foraging on root systems. Gophers are controllable by the use of special traps and lure.
Muskrats cause damage to waterways, ditches, and water storage ponds. They can be controlled through the use of special traps and blocking barriers.
Nutria are controllable by the use of special live and kill traps and exclusionary fencing.
Voles destroy grass, trees, and create a network of tunnels under snow. The runways have an appearance of a roadmap, or branches like a tree. Voles are controllable through special traps and kill mixtures.
Woodchucks are controllable through the use of special live and body gripping traps. They cause damage to properties through digging and foraging. They can be controlled.
Chipmunks Chipmunks
Chipmunks have a lot of the same behaviors as squirrels: they get into attics, sheds, garages, and they chew on wiring.  They can be trapped or poisoned.  Chipmunks are quite common in areas populated with trees and foliage. 
Porcupines Porcupines are known for destroying trees and foliage. Like most animals, if porcupines set up house on the inside of a building, they have a serious effect. Porcupines can be kept from destroying property and are controllable.
Beavers are typically known for cutting, eating, and destroying trees to build their homes. They cause flood damage, and falling trees can damage man-made structures. Beavers and the damage they cause can be controlled.

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