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Welcome to our Skunk Picture Gallery. These are skunks that we have dealt with and problems
we have solved. Feel free to browse our images and stories. You will probably find a story similar
to your problem. We are your animal solution experts. Give us a call!
This poor skunk was trying to find his home after a winter storm. His home was beneath a pile of rocks and wood. Notice the raised tail; he is about to spray our technition. The tech backed off becaues he wanted his wife to let him into their home that night.
Skunks are not the best climbers. Sometimes skunks will fall into a window well and find themselves unable to get out. Or, they may slip into a deep crawlspace and spray their terrible odor and possibly die there. If a skunk dies in an inaccessible area, it can take up to two years to decompose. We've seen instances where people have sealed off a skunk entrance with concrete, assuming the skunk was gone. However, the skunk was not gone. It died and rotted in an inaccessible area causing years of stench. This type of situation can cause property to devalue.
Skunks dig denning sites for their young under crawlspaces, patios, and decks. They typically excavate about a five-inch hole. We professionally trap and remove skunks, normally without the skunk spraying.
skunk "I believe that a skunk is either living in our crawlspace under our house or has gotten itself stuck somehow. It will not leave despite us leaving the opening open at night and keeps spraying nonstop. The smell seems to be coming up through the piping in the bathroom. It is making us physically sick. We have contacted a Wildlife Organization, but they are unable to send anyone out until this coming Friday. The problem has been going on for almost three weeks now. I am frustrated beyond belief at this point. We have set a trap and tried to catch it, but I think it may be stuck and that is why it keeps spraying over and over. Can you help?"


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