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Welcome to our Snake Picture Gallery. These are snakes that we have dealt with and problems
we have solved. Feel free to browse our images and stories. You will probably find a story similar
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snake 1 Snakes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. They often intimidate and cause fear within people. United Wildlife can catch and remove any kind of snake, and can take measures to prevent future snake problems from occuring on your property.
Snake "Over a period of two weeks, these snakes continued to boil out from underneath my basement crawlspace where they were denning for the cool season. I found several in the light fixtures between the lower and upper floor, and several in the washroom area. "

-Richard B.,Tampa, FL

"I was really enjoying my mountain retreat at my cabin in Big Bear. About 10 in the morning, I was walking down a set of terraces and nearly walked into this coiled up rattlesnake. Thank goodness I saw it out of the corner of my eye and it didn't strike. However, being by myself in an area where my cell phone did not work, I would have been in real trouble if the snake had bit me."

-Breanne S., Big Bear, CA

Milk Snake "While checking my plants on Monday I was about to bend down when I noticed something move. I saw a large garter snake slither under the shrub. Tuesday I found a poisenous black and grey snake; not sure what it was but the head was defintely triangular and it was bold enough to come and attack me. So I killed it. Wednesday I heard a rustle under one of my plants I lifted it with a hoe and noticed a smaller garter snake slither away. I was playing the same day with my three small children outside when my 5 year old son yelled "Mommy there is a snake behind you!" I noticed the same garter snake I had encountered that morning slithering between the jungle gym and sand pit where my three year old loves to play. I forced him out and got rid of him. I have noticed holes on the one side of my house and am pretty sure that I have snakes in our basement and I noticed a hole in the foundation where the vent for the tumble dryer is. I have seen chipmunks go in and out there. I need somebody to spray something in my basement and around the house and yard and catch all the snakes and close all the crevices and holes around the foundation of the house."

-Michele, South Carolina

"My cat brought in a curled up snake that appared to be playing dead. It was 20 inches in length and one inch around. I had raised snakes earlier in my life, but this one had colorings I had never seen. It had white diamonds across its body with black outlines. My spouse put it in an aquarium, but by morning it escaped. Can you help us?"

- Debbie, Morgan Hill, CA


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