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Phone rings at United Wildlife: “I have a twelve foot snake in my pool...”

Don’t think anyone’s going to be swimming today.

Snake control and prevention is now your number one priority.  

Whether it’s one really big snake, or hundreds of little ones, we can help.  

We are professionals who have been at our job a long time.  We have the knowledge, training, and experience to help you, your family or your business out of a snakey situation.  

If you have a snake problem or infestation it’s because the habitat around your house or business is giving the snake or snakes exactly what they need.  

All snakes are carnivorous, so having snakes around means there’s plenty to eat by the way of insects, frogs, mice, lizards, rats or eggs. Snakes are also big on privacy, so if there is lots of food and good places to hide like woodpiles, rock walls, moist areas under decks or porches, then a snake or two can turn into an infestation. They can also easily access the interior of your home through rodent holes.

At United Wildlife we can help you control the factors on your property that are attracting snakes in the first place because as long as the hunting is good and they have places to hide─whether that’s to digest the nice fat rat they just ate, creating a birthing den, or hibernating─you’ll continue to have snakes until the conditions that brought them in, change.

Snake control and prevention─whether you’re simply feeling overrun, or your concern is if the snake may endanger the safety of you and your family, the professionals at United Wildlife have the experience to help. 

With old-school as well as advanced technical systems, we have the tools to locate and remove snakes from hard to reach areas like attics, woodpiles and crawlspaces, beneath porches, and those tricky little areas between your walls.  

We use live-trapping, clean up and block out methods that are proven effective, and we can help you resolve the conditions that encouraged the snake or snakes to take up residence on your property in the first place. 


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