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"I believe we have squirrels in our attic. We can hear something moving around at night in our ceilings, but it sounds like it is not on our roof. I suppose it could be possibly rats or something else, as I have no conclusive evidence that it is definitely squirrels, but there are many many squirrels in our neighborhood and we see them all the time in our trees so it seems more likely than anything else. I've looked for but have been unable to determine how the squirrels might have entered the attic. Here is what I do NOT want to happen: You come, remove the squirrel(s) in the attic, and they (or more likely other squirrels) return 2 weeks later, only to have to pay again for another removal. As I cannot find how they are entering the attic, the service I most require is the location of their entry point."

Mark, Pittsburg PA

Mark, we can assure you that we are professionals. We always remove the animals completely and 100% problem free, always. We will locate the animal entry point(s) and we can seal them properly for you.


three squirrels in trap

Squirrels in your attic?  Maybe  you don’t even know what you’ve got overhead, you just hear the scratching and scurrying morning and evening.

A little irritating, but not a big problem--right? Let’s take a short trip into the life of the Squirrel In Your Attic and see why your attic is no substitute for a nice cozy tree in the woods. Two beady eyes spy a small hole in the woodwork of your home. Not too much later...

That small hole in your home is now a big hole. Morning and night, in and out, in and out. Mrs. Squirrel is dragging in bark, leaves, dry grass, and part of your flower bed before adding it to what she’s already torn out of your house insulation, in preparation for the blessed event.

Baby squirrels.

Pretty soon...

A lot more scurrying, chewing, excrement and urine, parasites and fleas, which will in turn attract more adult squirrels once the babies have left to find their own ‘home’. Then your lights suddenly start turning on and off when you’re nowhere near a light switch. Your kids can’t sleep because they’re pretty sure they hear ghosts up in the ceiling, and worst of all you come to realize that chewed-up wiring plus dry bark, leaves, and grass equal: Fire hazard.

For one unlucky homeowner, someone kept ringing his doorbell at four o’ clock every morning. 
Come to find out it was his little uninvited houseguests in the attic nibbling on the wiring.  How annoying. Especially if you’re not an early riser.

It’s time for Mrs. Squirrel to find a new home.

Squirrels in attics are not uncommon, but trying to get rid of them through commercial repellents, chopped up jalapeno peppers, or banging really hard on your ceiling, will only prove frustrating and futile.

Other homemade squirrel removal remedies, such as predator urine, ultrasonic sound emitters and pet fur, have also proven ineffective. Safe capture and removal coupled with the repair of the hole the squirrel is using to access your home is the surest, most efficient means.

As experienced and professional trappers, United Wildlife Control will customize the tools, equipment, and methods they use to suit you and your situation. From high-tech cameras to specialized traps, they can locate, evaluate and remove your unwanted guests, assuring that the proper solution is in place to prevent the pest’s return.


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