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There it was again, in the morning, a sound coming out of the fireplace: a scratching and a scurrying. Something sounding too small to be St. Nick, and besides, it’s April. What you just might have is a squirrel in your chimney.


Chimneys and squirrels
make great companions--unless it’s your chimney. Just like a big hollowed out tree, squirrels are attracted to chimneys for their safe shelter, warmth, and dryness.
The happy arrangement can quickly go bad, however, for many reasons.

If you have one squirrel in your chimney, chances are it won’t remain that way for long. Squirrels reproduce twice a year with three to five babies each time.  One prodigious chewer can be bad enough, but lots of them?  Ouch! As part of the rodent family, squirrel teeth never stop growing. Munching on stuff is how they keep their teeth shaved down¾and they’ll chew on just about anything to do that: wood, cables, pipes, and wiring. It’s the munching on wiring that can be particularly concerning, as it poses a fire hazard. Another fire hazard is all the mulch the squirrel will bring in as it sets up shop. Dried leaves and grass for bedding can also be a fire hazard.

Attempting to rid your chimney of squirrels by using predator urine, pet fur, commercial repellents, ultrasonic sound emitters or any other manner that does not include the actual capture and removal of the squirrel, will only incur unnecessary expense and time and could introduce toxins into your home worse than the squirrels' droppings and urine. Starting a fire to smoke out the critter will more than likely result in the squirrels' death, so you’ll still have to go in and get it out. If the smoke does drive it out, it will wait for the proverbial smoke to clear and then return to its nest.

Arboreal squirrels belong in the organic setting of the forest; you and the squirrel will be much happier in keeping your residences separate.

The best and safest way for you, your home or business, and the squirrel, is trapping and removal.

United Wildlife Control has at their disposal special tools, equipment, and cameras to safely locate, evaluate, and remove your unwanted guests. Efficient, knowledgeable, and reliable, we are professionals at getting the animals out and keeping them out.


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