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Welcome to our Squirrel Picture Gallery. These ares Squirrels that we have dealt with and problems we have solved. Feel free to browse our images and stories. You will probably find a story similar to your problem. We are your squirrel control experts. Give us a call!

three squirrels in trap

"We have something up in our attic or walls, likely squirrels because we see so many of them out in our wooded backyard. We would like to have them removed and their method of gaining entrance to the house identified and fixed. We have also recently noticed a mouse scurrying from the garage and briefly heard noises from the fireplace chimney, although it sounded like a bird and we don't hear those noises anymore."

Jerrod, Avon CT

Problem Solved!

Squirrel This squirrel was accessing a local homeowner's attic via a powerline. It was captured from the attic and released back into the wild about 20 miles away from the customer's home in Cincannati.
Squirrel This squirrel was nesting underneath a hot tub causing problems with wiring and insulation. It was trapped in a matter of days and released to its natural habitat. An underground fence was installed to prevent future entry underneath the hot tub.
three squirrels in trap

"I have had a problem of squrrels entering my attic through the soffit of the roof where the attached storage sheds roof joins my home's roof for some time now. I wanted to use chicken wire to prevent their entrance but I'm afraid that I might also prevent their "exit" if some are already in the attic as when I seal it up. I used some of the green bars that exterminators use to make them drink water until they die (there's no water in my attic, so I figured that would effectively get rid of them), but all that did was kill one of them (that I actually saw, anyway). I don't want to hear the scratching above my bedroom ceiling at 4:00 a.m. anymore and I don't want all the things that I have stored in my attic to continue to be chewed or scratched up (not to mention the structure of the attic itself being chewed up as well).Can you help me?"

- Kirk, Richmond, Virginia


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