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A gel that prevents swallows from nesting was applied to the house in the first picture on the right. Notice the stains.  Is there much of a difference between the nests (the second picture) and the gel? Any company that suggests using gel is going to destroy your home; yes it will solve your swallow problem, but you will have black stains on your house that will have to be sand blasted and your house restuccoed. Then you will end up calling us to put up birdslide. Swallows Swallow Damage
The use of long nets will prevent few birds from nesting. They eventually find an area or bypass the net. The use of nets and gels are not a pretty sight. Swallow Control Swallow Control
Birdslide was used on this home and not only is it effective, but also it doesn't hinder the appearance of the house. It is almost invisible. Swallow Control Swallow Control
Birdslide in action. Notice how the swallows build nests around
Birdslide. That is true swallow control!
Swallow Control Swallow Control
Netting is sometimes used to prevent swallows from nesting.
Looking closely one can see that it is not a pleasant solution sometimes leaving birds trapped to perish (left picture).
Swallow Control Swallow Control
Notice the difference between the two methods. Both are methods of swallow proofing but the one on the right is our way.  Our Birdslide product is attractive on the home and is much less noticable than any mesh or netting. Swallow Control Swallow Control


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