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Dead Vole

Here is a picture of a common field vole. Voles like this are very active during the winter, creating small trails in the grass about the width of a quarter, or approximately 1 inch. They also create holes in the dirt layers underneath sod.
Vole on leaf
Another example of a meadow vole. Voles love to feed on greens and roots and create denning sites with the trimmings of field grasses.

Foxes and coyotes feed on vole colonies.
voles 5
"I am sending you these pictures of the damage the voles have done to my backyard. They destroyed some small trees and bushes along with this horendous tunneling and trailing in our yard. We're pleased with the assistance you gave us in resolving our vole problem."

-Doug C., Denver, CO
Vole 2
"As spring drew near and the winter snows melted, we noticed trailing that looked almost like a road map on the southwest side of our driveway. We first thought it was gophers, but then learned from you over the phone that it was not gophers because there was no dirt mounding. The holes seem to be spread out about every five to six feet and were about the size of a silver dollar. We're glad to have this problem behind us."

-Susette B., Park City, Utah

"My house is infested with what I believe are voles. They look a lot like my pet mice but have shorter tails and their heads are a different shape. We all thought it was a mouse and were going to take care of it as a pet. It escaped but we had sightings and put out food and water for it. We then became aware eventually of more voles and continued to feed and water them. But it has become a problem as they seem to be multiplying and are getting into a lot of our things and chewing things up for bedding. They've even been in our pantry and gotten into some of our foodstuff. My major fear, though, is they will chew on wires and destroy the only asset I have, my home. I am a major animal lover and hate to harm any animal but I'm afraid the time has come to get some help. I'm desperate to find out my options and would appreciate any help you can give. I have no idea how expensive your services are so I don't even know if can afford you, but I do need help."  -Mrs. Steed, Ogden UT

We were able to assist this lady with her vole problem. The voles were living throughout her crawlspace and entering the house from underneath. She was able to afford our services and was very satisfied. Contact us now if this is your problem.
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