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Welcome to our Woodpecker Picture Gallery. These are woodpeckers that we have dealt with and problems we have solved. Feel free to browse our images and stories. You will probably find a story similar to your problem. We are your woodpecker control experts. Give us a call!

Oftimes, people living in cities mistakenly believe that woodpeckers live only in forests, wild areas, and woodlands.
"United Wildlife, I really appreciate you assisting me with my woodpecker problem. The scare tactics and deterrents that you installed helped me to get my rest. Our damage has since been repaired and I'll be sure to call you next spring if there are any additional problems."
-Chicago, IL

"I am sending you this picture of where the woodpecker is sleeping at night in the corner by our breezeway. What do you suggest that I do?"
-Jessica Roylance

We got right on this particular job and used some excellent repellents to encourage the woodpecker to move away from the home without trapping.

This is just a simple picture of a woodpecker in its natural habitat.
Woodpecker Damage

"As I described to you on the phone, the damage that the woodpeckers were doing to our building was extremely expensive and bothersome. Thank you for helping stop the woodpeckers from damaging our property any further. "
-Thomas G.

One of the problems with woodpecker holes like this is that it allows additional animal and insect penetraition into the walls or attic.



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