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What you can expect

1) When you call us you will reach our call center. Trained trappers or technicians are on staff to help you ease your fears or concerns and to help you find a solution to your wildlife problem. We will visit with you over the phone to identify the type of animal, bird or snake problem that you have, and how we can control that particular animal by removing it from your home, property, or business.

2) General pricing quotes or general costs can also be estimated over the phone. However, we do not do confirm bids over the phone, we simply go by incremental costs. For example, we charge for each service call, each animal, and time spent on project. Wild animal control is a job that requires customized work for each project. After hours work costs extra.

3) When our technician arrives on project, he will try to identify the entrances into your attic, chimney, or crawl space, or loosely constructed area. We will set up humane traps that will focus on the animal, bird, or reptile causing the problem.

4) We can provide odor control products, disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleanup as needed.

5) We may be able to suggest repairs for structural damage (siding and roofing), plumbing, and/or electrical damage, etc.

6) We will provide advice for future prevention and long term control of the particular pest that has infested your property.

7) Animals, birds, and snakes can be controlled by the use of professional trapping, insecticides, and pesticides. In many cases these animals can be relocated to a safe environment furthering the benefit of public health, avoiding diseases such as rabies, histoplasmosis, round worm, or bird mites.

8) We will identify the problem, find out how the animal, bird, or reptile is getting into your structure, and do temporary or long term blockout, exclusion, and control.

9) We can also provide you with weekly, monthly, or yearly service, depending on your animal, bird, or reptile problem; however, our goal is to resolve your animal, bird, or snake problem long term from the beginning.

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