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United Wildlife Control offers professional animal control and wildlife removal services. We solve residential, commercial and industrial animal, bird and snake problems. We service most any area in the United States—please see our list above to locate your state. Our animal control and removal experts can create solutions for any wildlife problems or any noises you may be hearing, from raccoons running through the attic to a flock of pigeons living on a building. We have years of experience with destructive wild animal behavior from raccoons, squirrels, skunks, pigeons, woodpeckers, snakes and more. You name your animal problem—we’ve dealt with it! We have the safety equipment and knowledge to professionally deal with any animal, bird or snake infestation in a home or office. Call United Wildlife animal control to set up a free phone consultation: 1-888-488-1415.

Since you’re reading about United Wildlife animal-trapping services on the Web, you’ve probably heard sounds and noises in your attic, chimney, walls or crawlspace, possibly from a baby raccoon or baby bats. You also may have noticed that there are several animal control companies to choose from. Problem is, not all of them employ professional trappers with licenses and insurance. It will save you time, damage and money if you make sure to hire a wildlife exterminator with expertise. United Wildlife animal control trappers are courteous, knowledgeable and they get the animals, birds or snakes out, whether it’s a skunk under the house, a pigeon on the roof or a raccoon, opossum or bat colony in an attic. Call our wildlife control operators at United Wildlife: We will assess your animal, bird or reptile problem, schedule an appointment to inspect your wildlife infestation, and develop a custom wildlife solution to fit your needs.

Because of its close proximity to mountains, lakes, wetlands and forests, America is full of wildlife, including animals, birds and snakes. Since it’s not recommended for an amateur to attempt to trap a wild animal on his or her own, it is best to choose a professional for skunk removal or swallow control, for example. United Wildlife’s trapping experts can make or suggest the proper repairs for your home or business to prevent animal, snake or bird pests from entering again. Decontamination of animal dens and bird nests in the home or business is also crucial to prevent the spread of insects and animal, snake and bird diseases. It is a common occurrence for wildlife to invade homes and offices, and you will need pest management experts to get rid of the animals, birds and snakes, and then perform thorough cleanup and removal of any animal contamination.

Raccoons, rats and opossums love to live in attics and will leave piles of droppings and cause electrical and flooding damage by chewing on wires and water lines. Items stored in attics can be contaminated by the fecal matter of baby bats, woodpeckers and raccoons. Insulation will become a trampled bed of fecal matter and urine-soaked insulation from squirrels, opossums and raccoons. United Wildlife pest control knows how to get rid of rats, mice and other rodents in the attic.

Attics, walls, kitchens, pantries, storage rooms and crawl spaces are hot spots in your home where deer mice, roof rats and other rodents seek shelter. Some pack rats and white-footed deer mice enjoy living in large electrical appliances, such as in the backside of an oven, where they can cause lots of rodent oven damage. House mice and rats love areas of the kitchen, including drawers holding food, storage boxes and foodstuffs. They also like to live in clothing. These rodents contaminate food, water and stored items with their droppings, urine and hair. United Wildlife rodent control knows how to get rid of rats and mice in your kitchen, garage, pantry and attic by using special wildlife resources.

Walls and chimneys are other hot spots for animal pests. Raccoons, bats and squirrels may enter through the top of your chimney and have babies right above the fireplace. Some squirrels, raccoons or chipmunks will go so far as to tuck their babies down into wall cavities and between floors and ceilings. United Wildlife technicians have the ability to perform bat control or woodpecker and opossum removal for these hard-to-reach locations.

Buzzing creatures, like honeybees, will often build hives in walls, ceilings and attics. United Wildlife’s pest control operators use hive removal and insect control solutions to rid your home or business of wild honeybee hives.

Ledges, attics, soffit areas, I-beams, and any other high nook or cranny serves a pigeon or mud swallow well. Pigeons and swallows can come in flocks of hundreds and make a mess of your roof and walkways with their nesting materials, droppings, bird bugs and disease. Other birds, like woodpeckers and flickers, will make noise on your home by pecking and drilling on stucco or wood siding such as cedar siding. They also damage homes and other structures with the holes they create. Pigeons and swallows build their nests on the outside walls of homes and businesses, and they return year after year. United Wildlife management can remove nesting materials and block these pigeons, swallows and woodpeckers-flickers from future roosting.

Armadillos, skunks and rats often will dig down underneath a deck, crawlspace or porch and build a den. United Wildlife trappers excel at removal of animals such as raccoons, skunks, rats, squirrels and armadillos that may be living under decks, porches or homes. United Wildlife also knows how to disinfect and deodorize your home or business from skunk spray.

Some animals won’t enter your home, but they do plenty of damage in the yard, grass, golf courses, swimming pools or ponds. Beavers, muskrats and gophers are examples of such destructive backyard pests. United Wildlife knows how to get rid of beavers, muskrats and raccoons in your swimming pool, pond or river. Beavers, muskrats, voles and porcupines damage trees by exposing roots or chopping down a tree altogether. Sometimes, these falling trees can land on homes, cars and garages and do considerable damage. Other garden pests like gophers, voles and squirrels can kill flowers, crops, shrubs and ornamentals by digging under them or eating and pruning them. United Wildlife animal repellents can repel moles, voles, geese and ducks out of your yard, grass or golf course so they won’t continue to cause damage through tunneling, digging, chewing or grubbing.

Many larger, carnivorous animals are very unsafe to have in your yard or near your property or home. Coyotes, badgers and rattlesnakes may not only start a fight with your cat or dog, but have also been known to kill and eat house pets. Many of these animals are bigger than humans or will put up a fight with humans anyway. Children are especially likely victims since they may not realize the wild animal is dangerous or poisonous. United Wildlife knows how to trap, exclude or block out coyotes, badgers and foxes from your property so they cannot hurt pets or humans.

United Wildlife's specialty is the removal of animal, bird and snake pests from attics, chimneys, walls, roofs, crawlspaces, yards, golf courses and other hard-to-reach locations through special trapping techniques and use of fiber-optic and infrared cameras. Depending on city, county, and federal law, the animals, birds or snakes will either be relocated or euthanized once they are taken away. No matter the course of action, United Wildlife will treat the animal in a humane manner. United Wildlife performs exclusion, block-out and repairs to control the animal, bird or snake problem and to prevent future entrance.

If an animal, bird or snake has already died in your attic or other living space, we offer dead animal removal services and can disinfect, decontaminate and use odor-control products to help clear odors caused by dead animal or bird carcasses.

We’re professional trappers who will travel to any location to get the animal pests out, and we can do professional phone and Internet coaching through the use of digital photos over the Internet for those who live in remote areas. We can also ship traps and equipment to help you trap animals or birds yourself the right way. Either way, we will work with you to solve your animal, bird or snake invasion. There is not an animal or bird removal problem that can’t be solved with United Wildlife's professional assistance.

United Wildlife’s animal, snake and bird trappers use a variety of live traps, kill traps, body-gripping traps, snaring, glue boards and repellents depending on the kind of animal infestation and federal, county and city laws.

United Wildlife only hires the state’s finest experts for wildlife management. We are well-versed with all animal pests, not to mention birds such as pigeons, woodpeckers, swallows and geese. United Wildlife can confidently say we’re the finest among  nuisance wildlife control operators and there is no animal damage problem we can’t solve or manage. Wildlife operators manning our phones are familiar with animal control and bird removal. We are happy to help—animal control, bird and snake removal is our professional trapping expertise. If animals, birds or snakes are ruining your lawn or causing your property to be unsightly, call United Wildlife—we’ll send out our experienced animal exterminators to take care of the problem and prevent future structural and lawn damage. Phone us at 1-888-488-1415 for more information on our professional pest management services for wildlife. We can help resolve any of your wild animal control needs.

Call United Wildlife animal-, bird- and snake-trapping specialists and we’ll give you our rates. We charge incrementally per animal, number of service calls and time spent on project. Prices will vary depending on the severity of the animal problem. Depending on the amount of animals, snakes or birds and where they are living, you may be able to assist us with the animal or pest problem as we are dealing with it. The good news is, insurance companies will often pay for some, if not all, of the costs incurred to get rid of wild animal or bird infestations.

If your county or city needs wild-animal trapping, control and removal, we provide contracts for governments and can perform municipal wild animal control.

United Wildlife animal trapping experts accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We also take purchase orders and cash.

Our mission at United Wildlife is to help identify your animal, bird or reptile pest damage. We will remove the existing pest animal, bird or snake and develop a custom wildlife solution to stop or control the pest problem from occurring again.

No county government program has the funding or tools to help you with your wildlife control problem. The state offers no free structural animal control aid for wildlife damage. But, if you’re having an animal problem with a domestic cat or dog on your property, you may call the state’s domestic animal control division for help. Stray dogs, stray cats, vaccinations, spaying and neutering, pet adoption and lost pets all fall under their domestic animal control jurisdiction.

Any other animal or bird problem you encounter can be safely and efficiently taken care of by United Wildlife pest animal experts. We understand how frustrating and scary it can be to have animal, snake or bird take over your crawlspace, attic, chimney or property. United Wildlife has the professional tools and experience to customize a long-term solution for your wildlife nuisance and to prevent animal, bird or snake invasions in the future.

United Wildlife control operators service most any area statewide—please see our list above to locate your county and city. We encourage you to browse the rest of to learn more about your particular wild animal, bird, reptile or insect infestation.

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