Animal Solutions

Problem: Something is tearing up my yard and killing my vegetation

What we’ve seen.

  • There are a few animals that may be killing your yard or vegetation. Possibilities include moles, voles, weasels, gophers, and prairie dogs.

Problems they can cause.

  • These animals can tear up your yard, kill your vegetation, and ruin your gardens just by burrowing underneath them.


How to fix your problem. 2-Step Solution

  • First stepCall us at 1-888-488-1415.  We will get a technician out to you as soon as possible or coach you over the phone.  Either way we can assess the situation and help resolve the problem.
    • We can identify the entrances the animals use to get in, clean-up any fecal matter (and other harmful substances), and trap and take away the animals or birds.
    • If you are interested in coaching, please take pictures of your situation. By emailing us these digital images, we can better assist you in removing the animal or otherwise controlling the situation. We also can ship you traps, lures, and equipment to help you resolve the problem yourself.

  • Second step: Until we get there do not disturb the animal in any way, shape, or form.  Disturbing the animal may cause it to attack family and pets, or the animal may burow deeper into the ground or find a better place to protect itself, thus making it more difficult to trap and remove.

Trapped Raccoon
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“It feels good to mow my lawn again without running over all those dirt mounds. Thanks to you the flowers are no longer disappearing. Thank you for removing the gophers from our property.”

-Jess, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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