Animal Solutions

Problem: I smell a strange smell, possibly a dead animal or urine.

What we’ve seen.

  • If you smell a strange odor like that of a dead animal, it could very well be one.  It may have died in your walls, attic, or crawl space.  It could also be a skunk, which is common. Often when animals have their young in remote areas of a home, strong odors may result due to the exceedingly large amounts of urine and fecal matter present.

Problems they can cause.

  • Animals may cause damage to wiring and scratch windows and doors.  Dead animals may cause bacteria to come, due to the natural process of death. These smells can become unbearable and even harmful.


How to fix your problem. 2-Step Solution

  • First stepCall us at 1-888-488-1415.  We will get a technician out to you as soon as possible or coach you over the phone.  Either way we can assess the situation and help resolve the problem.
    • We can identify the entrances the animals use to get in, clean-up any fecal matter (and other harmful substances), and trap and take away the animals or birds.
    • If you are interested in coaching, please take pictures of your situation. By emailing us these digital images, we can better assist you in removing the animal or otherwise controlling the situation. We also can ship you traps, lures, and equipment to help you resolve the problem yourself.

  • Second step: Until we get there do not disturb the animal in any way, shape, or form.  Disturbing the animal may cause it to attack family and pets, or the animal may hide itself and its young (if present) deeper into the structure, thus making it more difficult to trap and remove.

Trapped Raccoon
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Here the technician is removing a dead raccoon from a chimney that was finished off and no longer in use. Odor control and disinfectancts were applied after the clean-up was performed.

Skunk Crawlspace
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"We are thankful that you removed the skunks and blocked them off so they could not get underneath our deck again. The odor control treatments that you provided are really making life easier now.  Thank you for all the long hours you spent taking care of our problem.  I would be happy to recommend you any time.”

-Richard B. Miami, Florida

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