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About Us

We are a nationwide company dedicated to servicing clients throughout the United States both in large cities and rural areas. Starting out as a small company, we began to notice the need for professional and efficient wildlife control operators, trappers, and pest controllers throughout the country. In an effort to meet the varying needs of our customers, we have expanded to a network of over two thousand experienced technicians servicing all animal, bird, bat, reptile, and insect problems. We pride ourselves on using humane and safe live-trapping, while also relocating many of the animals we remove from homes and businesses.

Our network consists of professional wildlife removal coaches, animal, bird, and pest control technicians, and wildlife control suppliers servicing large cities, small cities and counties within the United States. We provide excellent coaching services through the use of the internet with digital pictures. We ship products, traps, etc., to remote locations. We also provide a network of technicians to service your varying needs. With the use of the internet, in a matter of minutes we can help you begin a solution to your problem.

Perhaps the most important thing about United Wildlife Control is our unending interest in pest, animal, and bird control/trapping and management, and meeting the every need of our customers. We love what we do and love to be of service to the public!

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n: all living things (except people) that are undomesticated
eg. wild animals, birds, bats, reptiles, and insects.

United Wildlife employs only qualified and experienced animal removal specialists.
United Wildlife experts are reliable and will get the job done using professional wild animal bird and reptile removal techniques.

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