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15 Questions about your wildlife problem
  1. What type of animal do you think it is?
  2. Where do you think it's getting in?
  3. How long has this been happening?
  4. Have you heard any sounds of babies yet?
  5. Is there a smell of death, urine or fecal matter yet?
  6. Has anyone become sick or experienced increased allergies?
  7. Have you noticed any unusual insects (maggots, flies, mites, ticks)?
  8. Has anyone been threatened or attacked by the animal?
  9. Have you tried to deal with the animal yourself? In what way?
  10. Has a professional attempted to resolve the problem?
  11. What damage has occurred so far?
  12. Do you have any digital pictures of the animal, infestation location, or damage that you are willing to email to us?
  13. Can you approximate the cost of the present damage?
  14. Is this problem causing you to worry or to lose sleep?
  15. How do you rate this problem: mild, moderate, or extreme?


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