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Animal, bird and snake removal from homes, businesses, and properties

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Animal Damage Prevention

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Professional trapping and animal removal services

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Whether you are in a large city or a small city, we can assist you using our network of professional wildlife control operators and trappers.

Statewide we are by your side. Click the link to see the states we service.

Pricing of services

1) Before you call, please consider the following questions as they relate to your wildlife problem:

  1. What kind of animal is it?

  2. Where is it getting in?

  3. How long have you been aware of the problem?

  4. Have you heard any sounds of baby animals?

  5. Is there a smell of death, urine or fecal matter?

  6. Has anyone in your household become sick or experienced increased allergies?

  7. Have you noticed any unusual insects (maggots, flies, mites, ticks)?

  8. Has anyone been threatened or attacked by the animal?

  9. Have you tried to deal with the animal yourself? In what way?

  10. Has a professional attempted to deal with the problem?

  11. What damage has occurred so far?

  12. Do you have digital pictures of the animal, infestation location, or damage that you could email to us?

  13. Can you approximate the cost of the present damage?

  14. Is this problem causing you worry or lack of sleep?

  15. Would you rate the problem as mild, moderate or extreme?

2) What are your basic charges for bird, snake and animal control or removal work?

  • Job site inspection pricing:
    Each job site inspection service begins at between $150 to $250 and up, depending on job site location and type of project. This base rate includes the first 30 minutes of service; after 30 minutes our rates switch to an hourly rate, which is broken down to a man-minute rate. For example, our base hourly rate is $120 per man, per hour. This rate is prorated at $2 per minute per man and up. Normally, at the time of inspection we are prepared to proceed with the solution to your snake, bird, or animal removal need.
  • Trapping, Removal, and Animal Control Pricing:
    EACH service call begins at $150, which includes the first 30 man minutes (which means that every time a technician shows up to your job site you are charged a service call for the initial 30 minutes; any additional time is extra at an hourly rate or prorated by the minute.)
    EACH additional minute after the first 30 man minutes begins at $2 per minute per man (or $120 per hour per man while working on project.) Note: An average service call is 20-30 minutes.
    EACH animal removed begins at $125 (depending on the type of animal). Products and materials are extra as needed. Service rates, time rates, and animal fees can increase due to location and job requirements.
  • Coaching Services and Pricing:
    We provide coaching for animal control and removal projects over the phone and through the use of digital pictures, helping you resolve the problem yourself. Prices start at $150 per EACH half hour needed. We can also ship any traps and supplies you need to do the project on your own.

Bird and bat projects vary in cost according to type and size of project.

DISCLAIMER: Each wildlife control situation is unique. Total price may be greater than anticipated based on travel time and the extent of the project. A $50 non-refundable scheduling deposit is required by credit card to ensure that the work order is activated. Credit cards are used to provide payment daily as per services rendered. Please keep in mind we are working with wildlife; firm bids are not given. Pease call (see number above) or use our online form to get a free estimate.

3) Do you accept credit cards or purchase orders as payment options?

Yes, we take VISA, MasterCard, or American Express as a form of payment. We also accept company purchase orders with a guarantee of payment by credit card.

4) Won't my city or county government take care of the problem for free?

No, because of liability concerns city and county agencies generally do not take care of wild animal problems. If a wild animal, bird or reptile is causing damage to your home or commercial building, it is your responsibility to hire a contractor like us to resolve the problem. City and county agencies are only helpful with tame or domestic dogs and cats.

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