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Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

What you should know about this site:

We are a professional locating company. We locate available pest and wildlife control sources and send inspection projects out to them. We also send job leads and referrals for a fee. After we notify these professionals of your needs they will contact you to schedule an inspection and may offer you a contract for pest or wildlife removal services.

If you choose to hire the services of a pest or wildlife control contractor, the contract will be between you and them, not us. We simply set up a jobsite inspection for a fee so that you can explain your needs to them. The contractor may or may not pay us a fee or percentage for that lead or referral.

Please be aware that if you contact us in any form or fashion through this site, we may help you with your wildlife problem directly, or we may send your information as a referral to a technician that may be willing to service your needs in your local area.

Each pest or wildlife removal project is custom done, and it is up to the individual technician, company or service provider to decide the best course of action for each specific situation, and to act in accordance with local laws and regulations. Not all technicians, companies or service providers use all tools or methods described on this site.

Pricing and service rates will vary as per location and project type.


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