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UnitedWildlife has years of experience and hundreds of liscenced professionals. This is what a few of our satisfied customers have had to say about us:


"Upon discovering we had a mother raccoon and 5 babies in our chimney we called United Wildlife to make removal arrangements. The animals were in a house we had sold so it was imperative that removal was quick. Your technicians arrived on the scene quickly and were ready to get the job done. My husband and I watched with amazement as they removed the animals. It was obvious they knew what they were doing. Throughout the entire time they were concered for our safety when we were curious and got too close. They took time to answer the many questions we had as we have never been involved with anything like this before. It was totally amazing. One thing is for sure, they are our heroes. Thanks so much for your help."
                        -Bryant and Diane, Seattle, WA

“We had been experiencing strange noises in our attic.  I told my husband that I was hearing an animal in the attic.  He dismissed my comment and told me I was hearing things.  I then began to think that I was hearing a ghost in the attic and the attic may have been haunted.  When I called you, you put my mind to ease. I didn’t realize that animals could get into attics, let alone would have their young in the attics.  You calmed my fears and your technicians Cody and Brian did an excellent job in removing a large female raccoon with three of her young.  They sealed up the hole that the raccoon had entered through.  Now I enjoy my peaceful night sleep again. Thank you for providing such a trapping service.”
                        -Debbie & Stephen, Denver, CO

“Wow!  The other night I was really upset as I awoke sitting up in my bed as I realized there were seven raccoons walking around my room.  It completely freaked me out; I didn’t know what to do as they wandered out of my cat door in which they had come feeding upon the cat’s food.  Thank you for responding so quickly and also humanely trapping these animals.”
                        -Colby, Virginia



“What a strange experience it was to be awaken several times each night for the past two weeks by our doorbell ringing off and on throughout the night.  What was occurring?  Did we have a visitor in our attic?  Thanks to you we discovered that three squirrels had been chewing on the wiring to our doorbell causing the doorbell to ring.  I am glad that that is over, Thank you for all your help.”
                        -Alexis, New York



“I have to apologize when I was so upset with you for the cost that we were charging for removing nine skunks out of our crawlspace.  It was really upsetting our family and not to mention the people that we worked with to smell skunk stench on our cloths.  As you know I am a professional chef and skunk smell does not go well with food.  We enjoyed our stay at the hotel while you did the work.  Even though it cost quite a bit of money, we are thankful that you removed the skunks and blocked them off so they could not get underneath our deck again. The odor control treatments that you provided are really making life easier now.  Thank you for all the long hours you spent taking care of our problem.  I would be happy to recommend you any time.”
                        -David, South Carolina



“We just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we appreciate your pigeon trapping services.  We’ve been living with those birds for over three years.  Please tell your technician Brandon what a wonderful job that he did in catching the 175 pigeons that we had in our bell tower. Now we are excited to have the clean up done as soon as possible.  Thank you again.”
                        -Mark, Oregon



“3,000 Bats…WOW! We couldn’t believe it.  We knew the colony was large and it had been there for over 50 years but we didn’t expect to see that many bats taken out.  Our staff really appreciated your professional manners as this 2-month process has occurred.  We were unaware that the bats had babies, our staff of realtors are all grateful that you removed the bats unharmed with your live traps.  The bat bug treatment that you applied is working very well and the smell has really went away since you removed the guano.  Please send us the pictures of our project.  Thanks again.”
                        -Jackson, Monterey, CA


Gophers, Moles, Voles

“It feels good to mow my lawn again without running over all those dirt mounds.  Thanks to you the flowers are no longer disappearing. Thank you for removing the gophers from our property.”
                        -Jess, Chicago, IL

“Well, I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I sleep better at night knowing that those two rascals are gone.  When that tree fell over and nearly hit my house I had no idea what to do.  Thank you for responding so quickly.”
                        -Jackson, San Antonio



“As you can imagine living so far out of town and not having trapping services close by the cost of travel was difficult to swallow.  When you suggested the coaching option it really helped me solve my rodent problem.  Thank you for the traps and lure you sent. It’s nice to know your business is here to service our needs even though we are so far away from the city.”
                        -Anna, Denver, CO


Woodpecker / Swallows

“As you can imagine being a heart surgeon my rest is very important to me and my patients.  After a week of listening to that woodpecker waking me up every morning at 5:30 am, thank you for setting up your products that drove him away from my house.  Now I am waking up at my usual time instead of too early.  Things are a lot more peaceful. Thank You.”
                        -Mike, California

“For years we have had swallows returning to our home and making their next underneath the eves.  And when you asked if we had any bed bug problems because swallows carry nose cone bugs it all made sense.  Thank you for moving the swallows away in such a humane manner and the insect control seems to be helping.”
                        -Danny, Seattle


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